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They're personalized and private coaching days empowering you  towards breakthrough in your life, leadership and career..  You will both the discover and engage steps to breakthrough spiritually, vocationally, relationally and financially toward your vision

Goals for VIP DAys

1. Gain full clarity on where you're heading 

2. Clearly define how to utilize your best resources and personal strengths to move forward with life and power.

3 Overcome challenges and hurdles in your way and create a clear game plan that works for you!

4. Utilize the best coaching tools, assessment and curriculum to do so!

The VIP Retreat helped me rethink what was important to me and set me on a path to rearticulate my core calling. The results have already opened up a tremendous amount of opportunity I would not have previously considered. I don’t know anyone so passionate about what they do as you!  I’m so thankful for your calling and giftedness.  Richard Roche,President, Roche International LLC 

combine Convergent POINT Curriculum with your identified needs and goals

VIP Day 1 – REleasing Your Unique VOice

Unlock your dream and vision for the next and best stage of your journey. (Includes evaluations and exploration of Dreams, Energy, Skills and Passions) Outcomes will include a clear and very specific mission, vision and values statement to guide you for the rest of your life.

VIP Day 2 – Finding Your FOCUS:

Explore your future and evaluate options and how to overcome obstacles, from financial to emotional.  We will then create a written personal “business plan”  including next steps for opportunities. This includes a 1. Financial goals and path. 2. Leveraging Your Best Opportunities. 3. Building Your Team around you. 4. Overcoming Your Snags.

VIP Day 3 - LEVERAGING YOUR TIME  (How You live in unforced rHythms)

The goal of this VIP day includes 1. Knowing what gives you unique energy. 2. Honestly Addressing Your Constraints. 3. Delegating the right things to the right people. 4. Letting Go on and Saying No.

VIP Day 4 – Creating a PLATFORM on PURPOSE  (How You attract Clients)

Together we will do the work to create words, pictures, phrases and strategies to communicate your unique voice, offerings and unique abilities.  This can easily translate into a personal business or ministry.  Sections include 1.Knowing You. 2. Knowing Your Niche. 3. Building Your Brand.


We will create the blueprint to start a new company, organization or ministry focused on your strengths, vision, values and market opportunity. Sections


For those who have “forever” wanted to create a book, e-book, course or online program, we will turn the vision into reality in one or two days!  We will proactively outline, create an introduction or make real progress towards the content inside you that’s now ready to be released!


This is a spiritual growth day where we will focus on your own soul care.  This day will focus on authentically hearing God’s voice, overcoming the obstacles to your peace and purpose and setting in place the disciplines to create ongoing spiritual disciplines.


This is for those who, like me, believe that coaching can change the world and feel called to serve others by doing so either professionally or as part of their ministry, business or even their parenting.  I will work with you to develop coaching skills and share my coach training best practices learned in almost 15 years as a professional coach and consultant.

What happens on vIP DAYS?

We  will address and transform something important TO YOU. It engages both personal coaching and content geared towards making real progress. This can take place in person, at a special location, or over the phone or Skype. The key ingredients that make these truly “magical” are that they are:

  • Personal Attention
  • Problem Solving
  • Platform Building
  • Potential Released

Together we will co-create, restructure, re-launch or focus you for optimal results and life and leadership as YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.  No more wasting time heading in direction that don’t work, don’t fit or keep you less than living into who God created you to be.

We will map out your unique strategies customized for your gifts and strengths and you will leave with a  SIMPLE PLAN to help live and lead purposefully, with more peaceful productivity and create profit from doing what you do best.  

On behalf of my wife, Sarah, and myself, I want to thank you once again for your efforts on my behalf yesterday. Your expertise, insight, and genuineness were more than evident as you quickly earned my trust.Your tenderheartedness and sincerity allowed me to be fully open and available to the process. We look forward to where and how God will move in the weeks and months ahead. May God richly bless you and your family as you continue to use your gifts so faithfully! Bob Holcombe, Founder Holcombe Remodeling

"Very Much More Clarity! And RELIEF" Doug Haugen, Organization Leader

"Convergence Point very quickly got me unstuck and on to the next place.  My wife and I are not both very excited to engage the next adventure ahead!"  BG Stumberg, Pastor)

"I found myself getting energized as dormant desires came back to life! I cannot recommend it highly enough! Gregg Stutts, Author and Marriage Expert 

"I'm getting really excited because through your leadership on this retreat, God is opening up a way!  It's a miracle in my opinion! " Doris Haugen, College Director