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Find your way..... Change the World!
  • 2010 - Convergence Point Confounded by Jeff Caliguire and Ron Bryant
  • 2011 -Convergence Point Creates the Endeavor Coaching Process and Retreats
  • 2011 - The Convergence: Seven Resolves To Release Your What You Were Born To Do Released
  • 2012 -  Retreats for Leadership Teams Begins
  • 2012 - DirectionNOW program for teens and twenty-something begins


I started Convergence Point Inc. with a huge dream. of transforming the world and changing lives as people everywhere discover and engage their real callings in work and their true potential to accomplish great good.  My dream is that you your work is never the same for the good because of our work. 

our GoalS for everyone we work with


Help our clients

  • Unleash their God-given (REAL) potential.
  • Change the world for good
  • Connect  to others doing the same around the world.


At Convergence Point we believe  God has created each person with unique gifts, skills and talents and desires them to thrive. We  taken our collective experience to create our own methodology that empowers the whole person to succeed.


Change the world for tangible and significant good by doing your work and building great teams.


See you reach your true potential utilzing your unique strengths, gifts and abilities. 


Double your profits in a selected time period with unforced rythms.

Purposeful Direction

Brandy has been a successful commercial construction foreman for 15 years.

... Find Your Way  - - -


We seek to empower our clients toward breakthrough in life, leadership and livelihood.... seeking to double their effectivness, their profit and their impact in the chosen period of time.