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The greatest gift we can give another is not to share our own treasures, but to reveal to him his own. - Benjamin Disraeli 

"I recommend the Convergence Point Program for anyone who is finally ready to commit to do the things they never thought they could do but always wanted to. "
Dr. Jennifer Rockwood, Co-founder, Doctor's Orders

Imagine discovering the untapped resources that exist within you. Imagine drawing the best parts of you to the surface of your life. Imagine living your days with energy, joy, and passion. Discovering and building upon the nuggets of gold that already exist within you is at the heart of the Convergence Point process.

The genesis of this coaching process resulted from a desire to equip people to incorporate their unique passions and potential into their daily lives. This process helps individuals identify their own dreams while simultaneously equipping them to turn these dreams into a reality. Analyzing personal competencies and unleashing passions are a foundational part of this journey. From the Introduction to Convergence Point

A Guided Coaching Approach Though the outcome of your Convergence Point experience depends on you, the process involves both self-guided  self-guided reflection through the Convergence Point material and one-on-one (or one on two if you do this as a couple) coaching sessions. 

Convergence Point Retreat (For individual, couple, leadership team) Get away to experience a full immersion in your Endeavor process for two days in a local setting or in a more secluded retreat setting.  You will prepare the DESIRES section prior to the retreat, then complete FOCUS while away. . Cost for travel and expenses is not included.

Dreams                            Finances
Energy                             Opportunities
Skills                                Community
Interests                          Undergirdings
Role                                 Snags

"Convergence Point helped me develop a strategy to do what I was born to do. It helped give me a direction and game plan for my second half."  Tom Okarma, Former CEO, current consultant to non-profits

"This program has helped me channel my desires and guide me in the direction I have been searching for.  I recommend this to everyone.  It will make a difference.  It really helped change my life."  Tracy Bencal, Mother and Entrepreneur