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Those who seek great performance, breakthrough and the extraordinary in business, leadership and life will want to do three key things:
1. Maximize their strengths 2. Minimize constraints… or make them irrelevant 3. Multiply their passion and peaceful progress through their work.
Personal and Career Coaching:  This is for you if you want to

* Overcome what has you stuck * Remove self self defeating habits
* Ready to to move towards your best energy, calling or new endeavor. 
* Seek to change or reinvent parts of you that are not working. 
* Seek real life by engaging new work or going back to work after years away. 
Executive and Leadership Coaching: This is for you if you
* Lead a private company, non-profit or church
* ’Are an entrepreneur starting a new endeavor
* Are a solo-professional ready to grow your practice and maximize your influence.
* Are a communicator, author or coach seeking to build your platform. 
Life Planning:

This is for you if you are ready to “no longer let life lead you, but lead your life.”