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30 or 90 Days to the work You Love

The Big Shift program was created with a few things in mind.

1. FAR too many people take 14 months to even two years to get employed when they've lost a job.  They feel unfocused, unsure of how to proceed and most importantly - unable to CLEARLY articulate what they're uniquely able to do AND passionate about doing.

2. Sometimes the thing you need most to go on your own is a "virtual partner" to equip, empower, encourage and help you remain accountable to what you want most. 

What if there's was a plan to move forward with clarity and confidence in 30 days... or 90 days? 


The goals of the Big Shift Consultations Session include:

1. Clarify what you really want and/or seek next.

2. Understand what's working and what's not currently

3. Identify the biggest factors holding you back.

4. Leave with hope, encouragement and energy for the future.

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