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This is our premium program for leaders and entrepreneurs ready to seek complete breakthrough and/or turn a vision into reality... SENT to their dream, breaking down hurdles and moving into destiny.

Convergence Point provides the guidance for those seeking to create business and organizations with purpose and the desire to for a triple bottom line: 1. Purpose 2. People and 3. Profitable Returns. 

Instead of holding off and taking 14 months or more to find a high-paying job, or start or leapfrog your own company or organization - let's do it NOW. Two options: Big Shift 30.  Or Big Shift 90. 

Incredible things happen in people and organizations that decide to create the convergence point of PURPOSE, PASSION and PROFITABLE GROWTH. 


In 2010, Ron Bryant and I founded Convergence Point with a single focus: help people find their way by doing work they love and were gifted to do.  We wanted to  work with those no longer want to settle for anything less than the extraordinary impact and were willing to create something great.  I LOVE what I do and love helping other leaders and their teams do the same!


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We're on a quest to help millions of people FIND THEIR WAY as they unleash their God-given potential ... intentionally integrating their unique gifts, strengths and passions  in a niche that needs them , one person at a time.  Would you want to join us?